‘Peak Sleep Performance for Athletes’ debuted #1 in Sports Medicine on Amazon!

This book equips the reader with the sleep strategies of the greatest athletes in the world, so that anybody can boost their brain health and performance in all aspects of life.

It debuted #1 in Sports Medicine on Amazon!

It is the ONLY sleep book endorsed by the International Society for Sports Psychiatry. 

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Book reviews for 'Peak Sleep Performance':

  • “Peak Sleep Performance for Athletes is one of the best books on sleep I have ever read.  It is practical, actionable, and will help you perform at higher levels than ever before. I highly recommend it.” Daniel G. Amen, MD, Founder Amen Clinics, best-selling author and celebrity brain-health doctor.
  • “Optimal sleep is now recognized as an essential component for superior athletic performance. Dr. Creado brings passion and expertise in sport, psychiatry, and sleep medicine to fruition in this easily read and scientifically supported book. His clear explanations of scientific concepts, real life clinical examples, together with his personal and practical advice make this book accessible to athletes and coaches, while simultaneously serving as useful reference for sports medical professionals including athletic trainers, physical therapists, sports psychologists and therapists, and sports medicine physicians. This is the first book of its kind and a welcome addition to the field of sports psychiatry.” David Conant-Norville MD. Distinguished Life Fellow American Psychiatric Association, Distinguished Fellow American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Emeritus Board member, International Society for Sports Psychiatry, Affiliated faculty, Oregon Health and Sciences University Department of Psychiatry
  • “This book is a must-have for every athlete, coach, trainer, manager and anybody involved in sport at any level. Sleep has been the forgotten factor in sports: until now. Learning these evidence-based strategies to enhance your performance can make the difference between mediocrity and greatness. In sport, the smallest of margins can make or break an athlete. Dr. Creado provides you with all the tools you need, to use your sleep as a weapon in the battle for glory. Taking it even further, I hope that the strategies laid out in this book can be a template for standardizing and applying sleep science in every sport, for the good of athletes, franchises and fans.” Ira D Glick, MD. Prof Emeritus, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Stanford University School of Medicine, Stanford University, California, USA. Adjunct Professor of Psychiatry, NYU School of Medicine, New York, New York. Founding Member and Chair, Scientific Program, International Society for Sports Psychiatry
  • “Peak Sleep Performance for Athletes" will help athletes flourish and achieve their athletic aims- but it can also significantly help their health and well-being. Whether you are an athlete, coach, support personnel to athletes, or just interested in being healthy and performing your best in day to day life, this book is packed full of top tips.” Dr Danny Glover. Burnley Football Club, UK. Huddersfield Giants Rugby League. European Tour Performance Institute
  • “This book is a go-to for fundamental and advanced sleep research and strategies to improve sleep performance. As an elite athlete, sleep is paramount to my athletic performance and having this information has been crucial in stepping up my recovery game.” Sophia Vitas. US Womens National Team, Rowing
  • “Peak Sleep Performance for Athletes’ will guide you through the science and practical strategies to understand and improve sleep in athletes that enhance peak performance. Sleep is often overlooked and compromised in athletes. Dr. Creado’s book is a must-read as it provides a clear vision to make sleep part of the foundation of a training routine.” Todd Stull, MD. Past President of the International Society for Sports Psychiatry
  • “I genuinely enjoyed reading this book and the way it was structured. This is a valuable addition to a sports psychiatrist’s, and indeed all sports clinicians’, armoury for management of athletes. I particularly liked the pyramid system and the escalating order of discussion. Dr. Creado’s personal clinical experience interspersed with athlete perspectives and indicated prevention strategies do make for compelling reading and a wealth of information. I would highly recommend this book to all clinicians within sporting structures as well as high performance departments to improve and assist athletes with what is a vital aspect of their wellbeing.” Dr. Ranjit Menon MBBS, FRANZCP. Chief Psychiatrist - Australian Football League. External Provider to Australian Institute of Sport, Cricket Australia. Australian Representative – International Society for Sports Psychiatry. Honorary Senior Lecturer - University of Melbourne
  • “A great read with an evidence-based approach which cites the direct impact of sleep on sports performance. Dr. Creado has proved how sleep can be one of the Magic Mantras to achieve Peak Performance. I shall follow the advice in this book to modify my sleeping patterns to bring positive measurable changes in my day to day activities. A must-read for all sports persons, physical therapists, coaches, nutritionists and doctors.” Prof. Dr. Ali Irani PhD. President, Indian Association of Physiotherapists. Former Physiotherapist for Indian national Cricket team. Head of the Department of Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine, Nanavati Hospital, Mumbai, India. Principal, Department of Physiotherapy NMIMS University, Mumbai, India.
  • Dr Creado has the best book out there for coaches, trainers, and team doctors to use as their athlete sleep guide! I call it the best sleep book that too few know about. Whenever I speak with a sports team about sleep and performance, I always try a leave them a copy of this great resource as a handy tool for questions about travel, nutrition, sleep hygiene… and a multitude of other factors that influence sleep , performance, and recovery! It deserves 6 stars! - Brendan Duffy Sports Sleep Educator
  • This book is not just for athletes, but since I like to model my daily activities after those who have reached their highest levels of health/mindset, I wanted to learn more about "Peak Sleep Performance for Athletes" to see how i can improve my own sleep. This was the start to what I will call a life-changing experience. Dr. Shane Creado's book is so thorough that I asked him "what else can I do to improve my health and life?" and his reply was "if you get a SPECT scan done, I can give you more targeted help based on what I see in your brain." This took what I learned from his book to a whole new level. His book is for the elite athlete, their coaches and trainers, and if you want to take your results to the highest level, you will learn more about the SPECT SCAN process.
  • Dr. Creado did a fantastic job in informing & educating the readers in a digestible & well rounded way. There are many mental health books out there but I can confidently say that this novel will educate and enlighten you.
  • I was always ignorant about the value of sleep until I discovered this book. I decided to peak into the life and training of professional athletes as I pursue a rigorous lifestyle. This book explained so much of my experiences that I would have paid thrice the price for it. After taking in the tips and tricks from the book I am feeling better, performing better and thinking better. I recommend for all elite professionals and athletes alike. Yes, if you work in corporate America you need this book!
  • I am a big fan of Dr. Creado's work. This book was a great read! I loved learning the importance of sleep and why the top professionals of each field use it a tool for success. This book has helped change my habits and motivation to put sleep at the top of my priorities: my entire health has benefited from it. I have shared this book with my family, friends and colleagues. Thank you Dr. Creado!
  • I found this book to be highly informative and easy to apply to my own need for improved sleep. The language is easy to understand. The content reveals the biology to the cellular level. Dr. Creado's approach can motivate people to investigate their own general health as it relates to trauma, mental health, obesity, etc., and sleep disorders..
  • This is a very informative book for athletes of all ages! Even for the younger athletes, parents could learn valuable tips to help develop their star athlete. Detailed readable directions for sleep are given, as well as a discussion on the value of sleep in athletic performance. As a sleep physician and sports psychiatrist, I feel very strongly about the need to educate our athletes on sleep. I have enjoyed this book so much, I have already purchased four additional copies for friends and coaches in my area. Debra Stultz M.D.
  • In this book, you will go through the pyramid of peak sleep performance, which is essentially a guide on how to maximize your sleep through good habits, tools, sleep education, dietary guides, sleep products, and more. Equally as important, it exposes the things that sabotage your sleep. The book's comprehensive approach will provide practical and actionable ways for you to perform at the highest level.
  • This book was informative and thought provoking. It deserves more than one read. I will look for a summary for this book or go back and read taking notes.
  • I have always wondered how to increase my performance. However, I was never able to find an organized plan and guide. This will be my go-to book for many years to come. I will continue reading over and over until the concepts in this book are second nature. This book has helped me with my overall health and sports performance!
  • Excellent resource on the lesser-known but proud connection between sleep and peak physical performance. Important for athletes and anyone who struggles with insomnia, or just wants to get a performance edge! Easy to read and highly evidence-based. I found the concussion and insomnia correlations especially fascinating.
  • Dr Creado provides important and useful information for anyone, especially athletes, who want to learn the essentials of using sleep to optimize performance. This is an easy read that provides scientific evidence in an honest and understandable way accessible to all.
  • Dr. Creado's book is one of the most important books I read this year - sleep optimization is absolutely underrated for patients and especially athletes. As a physician, it is refreshing to see such a deep dive into sleep, and also very motivating to see a physician that took the bold and brave move of bringing together psychiatry, sleep medicine, and sports performance. Way to go Shane!
  • I recently had the pleasure of delving into the world of sleep and wellness with Dr. Shane Creado's exceptional book, “Peak Sleep Performance for Athletes.” From the moment I opened its pages, I found myself captivated by Dr. Creado's profound expertise and genuine passion for helping others achieve optimal sleep. This comprehensive guide is a true game-changer for anyone seeking to transform their sleep habits and unlock the numerous benefits of restful nights.
    Dr. Creado's approach to sleep is rooted in science, yet presented in a relatable and accessible manner. His ability to simplify complex concepts ensures that readers of all backgrounds can grasp and implement the strategies shared throughout the book. It's evident that Dr. Creado deeply understands the intricate mechanisms of sleep and its profound impact on our physical and mental well-being.
    What sets "Pyramid of Peak Sleep" apart is its unique structure. Dr. Creado expertly breaks down the different stages of sleep and highlights the importance of each one. Through the metaphor of a pyramid, he constructs a step-by-step guide, empowering readers to build a solid foundation for quality sleep. The progressive nature of this approach ensures a thorough understanding of sleep's intricacies, allowing for a transformative journey towards better rest.
    One aspect of the book that particularly stood out to me is Dr. Creado's emphasis on the holistic nature of sleep. He explores various factors that can influence our sleep quality, such as nutrition, exercise, stress management, and the impact of technology. By addressing these elements comprehensively, he equips readers with a comprehensive toolkit to tackle sleep issues from multiple angles.
    Furthermore, Dr. Creado's book is brimming with practical advice.
    I highly recommend this masterpiece.
  • This book is geared toward athletes, however, it is applicable to all populations. The author provides many real life scenarios on finding the root cause of sleeping problems and developing effective solutions. Anyone who has a sleeping problem should read this book, as they will likely realize what may be their root cause and find possible solutions discussed in this book, or at least guide them in the right direction in helping with getting diagnosed and treated appropriately by a medical professional. Highly recommended for everyone to read!
  • As a former professional athlete, I spent my life looking for every competitive advantage available. This book has convinced me that sleep may be the most significant of them all...not just for athletes, but for everyone. Dr. Creado lays out the case for the importance of quality sleep in a simple, yet extremely compelling manor. This book is full of research, case study, and real-life examples of how detrimental sleep deprivation is...to our brain, body, and our ability to perform our best in sports and, more importantly, life. There is no shortage of information on the topic of sleep, as numerous authors and "sleep doctors" have written and lectured on the importance of sleep for decades. But Peak Sleep Performance takes it to another level by serving as a "field guide" that not only explains why sleep is so important, but gives you practical, actionable steps you can take to improve the quality of your sleep. Whether you're an athlete looking for a competitive advantage, or one of the millions of people who simply want to feel better, slow down the aging process, and perform better in the game of life, this book has something for you! I highly recommend!
  • This isn’t just for athletes, I help lawyers and other professionals get to sleep. This is a must read for anyone that is interested in how sleep affects performance both physically and cognitively. Can’t recommend this enough.
  • I bought this book for my son, who is a college athlete with aspirations of becoming professional, but I found myself reading it first! It has been very helpful in managing my overall sleep so I can be better in every day life. I've just passed it along to my son. I think the easy to follow advice will help him tremendously.
  • Great book full of incredibly useful information for athletes looking to maximize their performance. Interweaving athlete anecdotes with quality research makes the book informative, relatable and fun to read!
  • This is a detailed, but easy to read book that will give you the tools and concepts to rest like elite athletes. Whether you are a superstar athlete, a striving student, or a stay at home parent, this book is going to help give you the best sleep of your life!
  • If you want to perform better tomorrow at work or in sports you must work on improving your sleep tonight. This book is easy to read, fascinating and loaded with useful information. I highly recommend it.
  • This book will (definitely) change your life. For the better. So many important concepts I’ve forgotten and found all of them and even better ways when I’m reading this book. Thanks Dr, Shane
  • The author provides important information on the importance of sleep in your overall performance and ways we can destress to improve overall quality of life and our outputs. Worth a read!
  • This is a great book to read. The author had immense knowledge about sleep and techniques to adopt great sleep architecture.
    Easy to read..
  • This book is so helpful! Well written and easy to understand, it’s applicable to both athletes, everyday people, and everyone in between. As a professional musician myself, every chapter of this book has changed how I care for myself both physically and mentally. Proper sleep hygiene is so important! Highly recommend!
  • The book goes in depth for how to resolve different sleep problems, not just surface level.
    Would have liked to see more from ideal athlete daily sleep routines from wake time to nap times and bed time etc.
    But its overall good
  • The sleep strategies and research made by Dr Shane Creado in this book are incredible. I always had questions on how to improve my performance as athlete and as a human being; and this book really helped me. Dr Shane explains with lot of case studies and stories which makes this book simple to understand. Now I’m able to sleep so much better and feel so incredibly fresh. Thanks for writing this amazing book!
  • An interesting and informative book
  • Extremely useful information and tips to improve elite athlete sleep to improve performance!
    An easy read, highlighting important concepts regarding optimizing sleep hygiene.
  • This is a book that everyone should read! Aspects of this book don’t just help Athletes but performance in general. Definitely goes on my ‘must read’ list.
  • A very insightful book. A must buy.

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