Sleep Consult for Organization

What is Sleep Consult For Organization?

This consultation is your organization’s ticket to optimal productivity and safety through quality sleep. Dr. Creado will work with your team through webinar, in-person workshop, or partnership to do one-on-one consult with your employees/team members depending on your organization's need.

Who is this for?

This consultation is for any organization that is seeking to improve productivity and cares about its employees' wellness and safety. In recent years, some major companies such as Google, NIKE, and Proctor & Gamble have invested in addressing the sleep needs of their employees, understanding the correlation between employees' sleep and productivity.

Why is this important?

We believe that improving the quality of your workers sleep will not only improve their overall health, but the quality of their work, relationships and team dynamics. Our mission is to make sleep awareness and healthy sleep training as ubiquitous as sexual harassment training and wellness benefits.

Sleep Consult for Organization with Dr. Creado options:

  • Webinar/training module
    It focuses on educating employees about the impact of sleep on work performance and overall health. Employees can watch at their convenience.
  • In-person presentation with Dr. Creado at your organization
    It covers Webinar/training module plus open discussion and Q&A with Dr. Creado.
  • In-depth workshop with Dr. Creado at your organization
    • Educate employees about the impact of poor sleep on their work, personal and social lives, as well as their overall health.
    • Provide them with screening tools to find what sabotages their sleep.
    • Walk them through specific evidence-based strategies to overcome those barriers.
    • Screen them for a specific sleep disorders (like sleep apnea). Based on the screening assessment, the employee can work with their primary care doctor and health insurance to get specialist care.
  • Consulting partnership with Dr. Creado
    • Estimate the impact of sleep loss on work performance and profits/ losses of a team, and track it over time (with screening tools for employees), in collaboration with your HR department to track employee performance.
    • Monthly online group sleep coaching to learn the best evidence-based strategies to improve employees’ sleep.
    • Individualized sleep optimization protocols.
    • Travel-specific strategies to minimize jet lag and improve work performance.
    •  Individual parent-training (online or in person) for employees that are new parents or who have toddlers and young children to teach how to train their child to break bad sleep-disrupting behaviors and help the entire household sleep better and rest easy. 
    • Create a sleep-friendly workplace environment and culture, which may include designated sleep rooms, sleep pods, etc.
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