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In modern sleep medicine, we do not look at insomnia as a lack of sleep, but rather, a preponderance of wakefulness of the brain. Similar to darkness not actually being darkness, but actually the absence of light.
Over 70 million Americans suffer from a sleep problem. 35% of adults and 69% of high school students in the US do not get adequate sleep. 6400 fatal crashes are caused by drowsy driving every year in the US.
Up to one-third of U.S. inhabitants have symptoms of insomnia; however, less than 10 percent of those are identified by primary care physicians.
Life happens, and with stressful situations, or even joyful situations, such as a new baby or a new job in a different time zone, your sleep is usually the first thing to suffer, which can have devastating consequences on your personal, social and professional life.
You may not even know that sleep is an issue for you, but if you do not have the tools to optimize it, poor quality or quantity of sleep may be the Trojan horse eating away at your life.
Quality sleep is a pillar of brain health. A healthy brain is the foundation of a healthy life, whether it is your personal, social or professional life.

As you read this, there are:
· Children with undiagnosed sleep apnea being pumped with stimulants for distractibility,
· Middle schoolers with failing grades because of sleep avoidance,
· Teenagers being bullied and targeted for laziness while they are night owls who have not been taught how to shift their sleep cycles,
· Young people suffering from insomnia which results in obesity, low self-esteem, and academic failures,
· People with fragmented sleep leading to emotional outbursts and damaged relationships,
· Sleep-deprived people with personality changes and mood instability leading to divorces and violence,
· Relationships where intimacy is destroyed by a partners’ snoring or acting out their dreams and unintentionally hitting their partners,
· Sleep-deprived employees with poor work performance and consequent unemployment,
· Companies losing billions of dollars a year in lost work performance because of sleep-deprived employees,
· Athletes with undiagnosed post-concussive sleep disruptions that ended professional sporting careers,
· Athletes who are injured or playing way below their potential, not making a team or whose careers will be cut short, because they have not been taught about how they need to optimize their sleep.
· Patients with untreated insomnia that keeps triggering manic episodes,
· Sleep medications directly contributing to increased dementia risk,
· Psychiatric medications leading to fatal accidents because of excessive sleepiness,
· Patients with abnormal sleep behaviors (like sleep eating or sleepwalking) who may actually have an untreated seizure disorder,
· People on sleep medications that triggered sleepwalking and dangerous behaviors they did not remember, including driving, sexual activity and other actions with grave legal consequences.

The worst part of it all? Most people are not aware that sleep problems are the common denominator.
I have had countless patients come to me, after numerous failed medication trials, a buffet of diagnoses and a steady stream of dead ends.

The best part? Sleep is modifiable, and through the right approach and treatment, you can achieve your goals and be a raging success!

I invested many years of my life to become a physical therapist, medical doctor, psychiatrist, sports psychiatrist, and functional sleep medicine doctor because I was frustrated with the fragmented care that patients were receiving.
I have been fortunate enough to have been blessed with opportunities to learn and in turn, help people from every walk of life, from the villages of India to CEOs of billion-dollar companies, the biggest stars in the world and legendary athletes.
I want to now make that wisdom accessible to everybody.

My approach to my clients is simple, but different from almost anybody out there, because of my unique skill sets and extensive medical training.

What I do differently is:

  1. I first seek to understand your goals, as your goals become my goals.
  2. We then work to uncover and treat all the factors that are sabotaging your sleep (health problems, mental health issues, medications, unhealthy sleep behaviors, faulty thoughts around sleep, lifestyle factors, hormonal issues, toxic exposures, dietary aspects, substance use and many more).
  3. I then educate you about your sleep and all the factors sabotaging it, so that you have the power to change the course of your life.
  4. I then equip with the tools that you need, to uncover and treat every possible factor that may contribute to your current struggles.
  5. My final task, is to be your coach, work with you to overcome barriers, and guide you to the finish line, so that we maintain your gains. I often tell my patients that I am going to be their coach, their fan and their cheerleader (without the pom-poms), but they are the players on the field. It is you who has to put in the hard work, you that wants to get better. I provide you direction. As the saying goes, ‘We are flooded with information, but thirsting for wisdom.’

It is not only to treat a sleep condition but to optimize your functioning and thereby transform your life.

Let’s do this!
For more information on all the different aspects of health that poor sleep can disrupt, and to learn about the best evidence-based sleep strategies you can implement TODAY, download my latest book ‘Peak Sleep Performance for Athletes’. The sleep strategies that were once only accessible to elite athletes are now accessible to you!

Your ticket to sound sleep, a better brain and peak performance is just a click away.
If you want the most comprehensive approach to finally treat the sleep problems that are sabotaging your health, set up a consult, NOW!

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